Guilin Microtech Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. (MTO)



Eyepieces and stage micrometers

10X very wide field eyepiece SWH10X (FNΦ23mm)
10X plane wide field eyepiece WFH10X/22 (FNΦ22mm)
15X wide field eyepiece SWF15X (FNΦ17mm)
20X wide field eyepiece SWF20X (FNΦ14mm)
30X wide field eyepiece SWF30X (FNΦ9mm)



10X divisional eyepiece SWH10X-CM0.1XY(0.1mm/scale)
10X divisional eyepiece WF10X-CM0.1XY(0.1mm/scale)
15X divisional eyepiece SWF15X-CM0.05XY(0.05mm/scale)
20X divisional eyepiece SWF20X-CM0.05XY(0.05mm/scale)

Divisional eyepiece


a line stage micrometer CML0.01(0.01mm/scale)
a cross not with scale micrometer CM
a cross horizontal with scale micrometer CM0.1X(0.1mm/scale) or CM0.05X(0.05mm/scale)
a cross vertical and horizontal with scale micrometer CM0.1XY(0.1mm/scale) or CM0.05XY(0.05mm/scale)
a gridding board CMS0.2(0.2mm/scale) or CMS0.5(0.5mm/scale)