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Photo adapters、CCD adapters and Digital camera junctions

    Fix it into the hole of stand working stage (fixing hole Φ95mm). Put the object on the mechanical stage for expediently moving specimen in XY directions, easily finding images.

   Model:PT02 SLR Digital Cameras photography instrument(Use after removing the camera lens)

       ·Use with trinocular observing head and various cameras, can shoot and observe sample photos.

PT02 exemplify




   Model:C0.3-S、C0.5-S、C1.0-S CCD adapters

    ·There are 0.3X,0.5X,1X three magnifications CCD adapters. They are the type of inner focusing.
    ·Use with trinocular observing head, CCD camera and display or computer(match with video catcher), can output images to display, use image manipulation soft to manipulate and survey the images.

C1.0 exemplify




   Model:CDM1.0, CDM1.0-P(Plane) 1X stage micrometer CCD adapter

    ·This product can matched with c-mount CCD adapter, CCD camera of each kind of brand, various factories. It can carry out stage micrometer and objects on display screen are clear at the same time by CCD and displays. And carry out clamping and the function of microscopical measuring directly. There are three types of stage micrometers:cross stage micrometer(There is scale on landscape orientation, 0.05mm/scale), vertical and horizontal stage micrometer(There are scales on portrait and landscape orientation, 0.05mm/scale), cross scale micrometer. It can adjust the direction of stage micrometer by loosening three bolts below this product. When CCD plate is not in center, adjust three bolts upper it.

CDM1.0 exemplify





   Model:DT01 digital camera junction(Use with the camera lens)

    ·Composed with photography eyepiece and connecting tube, use with trinocular observing head, digital camera(diverse digital camera use special custom-made connecting tube), can use digital camera shoot specimen to obtain digital images, convenient for storing and manipulating the images.

DT01 exemplify


MZS1065T+SD2+DT01+Digital camera