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Compare with the first generation products, it has the following features:
1 The optical design has changed, in addition to the original F5.8 focal ratio, F4.3 full-frame reducer lens can be used.
2. The appearance becomes more stylish and streamlined.
3. Change of focuser: use 3.2-inch focuser, plus a 360-degree rear CAA, and the angle adjuster.
4. Add a nice-looking and practical handle.
Features of SharpStar 100Q ED APO refractor: 
•100MM f/5.8 quartette doublet air-spaced optical design
•Includes one special ED lens
•Bran-new 3.2" dual-speed rack and pinion focuser, 10:1 fine focus
•2" and 1.25" universal interfaces, M82 thread interface, M82 screw M48 photographic taper interface (sold separate)
•Angle adjuster for 360 degree rotation
•Universal (Vixen-style) dovetail bar with tube rings
•Push-fit drawtube Dew-shield is provided with slidelock
•Add finderscope mounting devotail interface
SHARPSTAR 100QII ED APO apochromatic refractor tube features a quartette doublet air-space design that includes one special ED lens and the full-surface multi-coated is adopted. The quartette optical design makes SHARPSTAR 100QII an excellent imaging and observing performance. The image circle of not less than 44mm makes the 100QII a good match to any full-frame camera, giving you unparalleled shooting quality. The use of special ED glass offers excellent chromatic aberration control, not only reflected in high quality imaging, but takes observation with the 100QII into a new realm. No matter its sharpness, contrast, or chromatic aberration control, it has quite excellent performance.
SHARPSTAR 100QI ED APO provides a wonderful observing and astrophotography system thanks to the proper focal ratio. The unique quartette design incorporates special ED APO lens for excellent chromatic aberration control, sharp stars and overall sharper images.
SHARPSTAR 100QII ED APO also offers an impressive focusing system while providing an excellent optical system. SHARPSTAR 100QII ED APO has a two-speed 3-inch rack and pinion focuser with 1:10 focusing ratio. Compared with many refractors on the market, the use of a rack and pinion focuser offers larger payload and a stronger hold, so that your focuser will not slip when using heavy-duty observation accessories or camera. Worried about being out of focus or badly framed image? The 360-degree rotator allows you to easily rotate the shooting angle and correct the framing to your own satisfaction. More importantly, its 3-inch focusing tube is more robust and more stable than most commercially available 3-inch focusing tubes. It also provides good upgrades for heavy-duty accessories such as large-caliber field flatteners.
In addition, the newly improved load-bearing adjustment screw on the body of the focuser lets you to adjust your focuser according to the weight of the attachment.

Mount: Astro-Physics 1100GTO
Telescope: Sharpstar 100QII quadruplet refractor
Camera: SBIG STF-8300 with OAG+FW8-8300 filter wheel
Guide camera: SBIG OAG-8300+Lodestar X2 with Kiss focuser
Filter: Astrodon LRGB Gen2 E-Series
Exposure time:
L: 30*10 min
R: 10*15 min,
G: 10*15 min,
B: 10*15 min